We aspire to alleviate the suffering of and open up life’s opportunities for children and young adults with Type 1 diabetes. We enrol them on A4D supported programmes in selected Asian countries and ensure that they can live fulfilled and productive lives – achieving their full potential.

By 2020


Dr May and Dr Mya in Yangon Children’s Hospital. Dr May joined in September and is funded by A4D.

Pediatric Diabetes clinic – September 2015. Some of these children travelled over 200km round trip for the clinic.

Dr Mya conducting one on one consultation at The Paediatric Diabetes Clinic in Myanmar supported by A4D.

Co-Founder of A4D Charles Toomey with Dr Mya and Dr May outside the main entrance of Yangon Children’s Hospital.

Our Partners

Jerry Gore
Jerry is a mountain athlete and adventurer who has been involved with the world of extreme climbing over a 30 year period. Jerry has climbed literally all over the world and survived and thrived in some of the most inhospitable environments. Jerry is also a successful business leader and entrepreneur, having been the marketing director of a large UK retail chain and also setting up and running AlpBase.com, a chalet and accommodation operation in the Southern French Alps. The third major element in Jerry’s life is his diabetes. Since his diagnosis in 2001 Jerry has not let diabetes get in the way of his extreme sporting activities, his family and business lives. He has used his diagnosis as a motivator – to go on and take on new challenges, inspiring others with his attitude, enthusiasm and achievements.
Since diagnosis he has led more than 15 international expeditions and extreme Insulin Challenges, and delivered more than 100 motivational talks. In addition he has raised many thousands of pounds for diabetes charities, and most recently, been recognised by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) – the world’s leading organisation in the area of diabetes – and been nominated as a Blue Circle Champion. There are only 15 in the world, 5 of whom are Olympic champions.

Charles Toomey
Charles has pursued a highly successful career in leadership roles, starting with 10 years serving as a Royal Marines Officer, and then in the healthcare industry working in the UK and overseas. Since 1999 Charles has lived and worked in Asia setting up and leading large and complex business operations culminating in his last major role, from 2007 to 2014 leading the operations for a large Swiss company, DKSH Healthcare, where he was Executive Vice President and the Global Head of the business employing over 8000 staff across Asia. Charles has a wealth of first-hand experience of living in and running commercial operations in and across multiple Asian countries.
Charles first became aware and interested in diabetes through his years in industry particularly working in some of Asia less developed countries. In recent years Charles and Jerry reconnected and have collaborated very successfully on a number of highly successful fund raising activities in Asia, this activity has given Jerry and Charles the confidence and belief that with their unique backgrounds and experience they can really make a difference to children and young adults with diabetes, and has led to the creation of Action For Diabetics.

Richard Toomey MBE, CBE
Richard is a senior British Army officer with 36 years’ of service. He has lived and worked in many developing countries, and has led large and small teams of military and civilian staff in a wide range of ventures. Richard has had direct experience working with the UK Foreign Office and the Department for International Development both overseas and in the UK. Most recently, for three years Richard led the British Army’s international training operation where, amongst other things, he had to deal with sensitive government relationships, industrial relations and corruption challenges in an African country. He has 10 years’ experience as a trustee of five military welfare charities, and remains a trustee of one of them.
As the parent of a child and now young adult who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Richard has 18 years first-hand experience of the daunting complexity faced bringing up a child with significant medical challenges and understands very well the levels of practical and also emotional support needed to help them achieve their potential.

Jerry Gore
A4D co-founder

T: +33 689 19 75 63

Charles Toomey
A4D co-founder


Richard Toomey
A4D co-founder