It was Helen Jone’s second attempt of reaching the summit of Le Dome Des Ecrins, but it will not be her last! Having undergone a physical transformation to get ready for the climb, all fingers were crossed at A4D. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be and she came short by only 400m!  

Full write up from co-founder, Jerry Gore:


Helen Jones and her husband Chris reached their highest altitude of 3,600m early morning on Tuesday 24th July.

Having started the climb at 23.00hrs the team climbed steadily through the night, reaching the Glacier Blanc refuge in under 2 hours. It was a tough, steep climb and as they gained height, Chris started to feel the altitude. By 05.00hrs he had exhaustion.

On a 45-degree ice and snow slope in sub-zero temperatures and surrounded by crevasses, descent was the only option.

Helen’s training had put her in great shape and I firmly believe she could have done it but getting Chris down to safety was the absolute priority.

Helen is determined to succeed in conquering this big 4,000m. mountain and will try again next summer!


Fundraising success!

The other good news is that Helen succeeded in raising more than £2,500 for Action4Diabetics this summer. This is an impressive amount and she has had to work hard and consistently throughout the Winter and Spring to raise money via bake sales and gear auctions.

Congratulations to Helen for her courage and determination. This year was her second attempt on this mountain. Helen is a strong character and knows that you only fail when you stop trying. In life, everyone fails repeatedly. Ask any Olympic Gold medallist. But how we deal with and overcome repeated failure is what determines our success. We look forward to supporting her challenge to climb Le Dome Des Ecrins next summer.

To find out more please visit her JustGiving page:

Keep training Helen Jones and a BIG Thank You from everyone at Action4Diabetics and the families we support!

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