“We establish sustainable solutions, securing long-term care and support for young people with Type 1 Diabetes regardless of their socio-economic background”


We currently support
Young people with Type 1 Diabetes across South-East Asia



What the A4D Clinic Support Programme insures for young people with Type 1:

  • Free Insulin
  • Free Blood Glucose Testing Kits
  • Free HBA1c tests and other specific medical care
  • Financial support to cover travel expenses to and from hospital
  • Medical emergencies costs covered

For many of the families we support, the financial cost of having a child with Type 1 Diabetes, if they can access the essential medical support, can be crippling. A4D helps to alleviate this burden and give hope for the future.

A family, signed onto the Clinic Support, receive instructions from the nurses at Mahosot Hospital, Laos, on how to to use blood testing equipment provided by A4D.