A photo from the A4D Family camp where young people with Type 1 Diabetes come together to learn about their condition in a fun, and safe environment

On April 19th, eighteen young people with Type 1 Diabetes and their families came together at Hat Yai hospital for an A4D Diabetes Family Camp.

Focusing solely on Type 1 Diabetes, this fun-filled day was designed to educate the whole family on how to live a full and active life with this condition. 

Insulin Injection Technique

After a welcome speech from Dr Pathikan, a Paediatric Endocrinologist at Hat Yai Hospital, we had the first activity of the day: Insulin injection technique. 

If you are injecting yourself with Insulin four times a day, it is very important to be getting it right!

Relatives were eager to learn more about this fundamental part of Type 1 Diabetes management. Hopefully, they now have the understanding to ensure proper technique is used at home.

An event for all the family!

Nutrition, nutrion, nutriton

At Action4Diabetics, we always stress the importance of nutrition and diet. Conscientious and informed eating habits make the day-to-day management of blood sugar levels easier. At the camp in Hat Yai, Action4Diabetics gave some tips-from-the-top on food labelling as a way to encourage the right food choices. 

Blood glucose testing and monitoring

For the young people we support, blood glucose testing needs to be their bread and butter. We encourage all the children we support, no matter how young, to be comfortable testing themselves and not relying on family. The A4D Diabetes Family Camps are an important opportunity to sit the children down and remind them how, when and why testing their blood sugar levels is so important. 

We want all the children on our clinic support programme to be able to live independent lives.

Thank you!

It was fantastic to see so many new faces athletes the event, and a special thanks must go to our sponsors, Roche, for their ongoing support. Without the support of our main sponsors, Action4Diabetics would be unable to reach as many young people with Type 1 Diabetes as we do. 

Also, a huge thank you to the team of health professionals at our pattern hospital in Hat Yai. Together, we are able to offer the well-rounded support network that a condition as complex as Type 1 Diabetes demands. 

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