On the 17th March, a fun-filled day in Mandalay helped 27 children with Type 1 Diabetes learn about the condition that they live with.

The objective of an A4D Diabetes Family Camp is to educate and instil hope for the future. A4D find the best way of doing this is through creating an informative and engaging environment for all the family.

Why? Because it helps people make new friends, grow in self-confidence and leave with a smile on their face!

4 Key Topics

With the help of our wonderful partner, the 550 Mandalay Children Hospital, there were 4 stations for the children and their families to visit.

Each station covered an important topic:

Insulin Injection, Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia Management, Glucometer Handling and Diet. Interactive games and visual tools helped make each stall unique and interesting.

All the subjects covered were crucial parts of effective T1D management. To see the families we support leave with a better understanding of each element is very satisfying for the A4D team!

Being a teenager with T1D

Another topic covered was Diabetes and Adolescence which the parents especially found this very helpful as it is not always the easiest thing to discuss!

However, T1D must be well managed through every stage of life. Raising awareness of some of the known difficulties with Adolescence and T1D helped prepare families for the challenges of the future.

Everyone gets a health check!

Amongst the many games, sand painting and now famous ‘Chicken Dance’, everyone also received a basic health check. Two mothers were picked up with high glucose levels! It is important for the whole family to be mindful of their health and lifestyle.

A massive thank you to 550 Mandalay Children Hospital for their support and of course to the volunteers who gave up their weekend! Through lending your time and enthusiasm you made the camp possible!

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