With the help of Kantha Bopha hospital, Action4Diabetics has held a Type 1 Diabetes family camp in Cambodia for 45 young people with the condition. It was a fantastic day, enjoyed with by them and their families in Phenom Phen.

In Cambodia, there are limited resources and facilities to help deal with the complexities of Type 1 Diabetes, so it was fantastic to team up with Kantha Bopha and deliver education and medical support to families who live with Type 1 Diabetes in the country.

The Chicken dance continues

Overall it was a successful A4D camp, with the families involved learning about Type 1 Diabetes and the key factors that contribute towards the successful management of the condition. As is now tradition the weekend was rounded off with a performance of the ‘chicken dance’ 

Thank you!

The A4D team where overwhelmed to see so many happy, young faces beaming back at them over the weekend. It reminded them that the work they are doing really is helping to save and transform the lives of people with Type 1 Diabetes in the region.
A massive thank you to all our supporters who make this possible. This includes our sponsors Zuellig Pharma, Hello health, BDF, and Sanofi. And of course Professor Malene and her team from Kantha Bopha, Father Charles and Sister Sally, and Dom Bosco, Fiona Ooi and Dr. Puthe.  Together we are really making a difference, so THANK YOU!

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