Dr Laing Puthe is a junior doctor from Cambodia who was on A4D medical healthcare capacity building

Over the summer, we said goodbye to Dr Laing Puthe. As part of our health capacity building programme, he worked with the diabetes clinic at Kantha Bopha hospital in Cambodia. In his role he helped improve healthcare in the country through organising the first-ever A4D diabetes camp in the country.

When he left, Dr Puthe sent us a note:

“Being a good doctor is one of my dreams. I want to help others and making them smile. Like when I see the children with Type 1 Diabetes becoming healthy with proper therapeutic management and living normal lives like others.”

After graduating from the University of Health Sciences in Phnom Penh, Dr Puthe joined A4D. Throughout his time, Dr Puthe showed a desire to improve the quality of child healthcare in Cambodia and we were lucky to be able to bring his experience and talent onto the A4D mission.

“I had a great time working with A4D, even though there were many challenges. In particular, running a camp in which I have had little experience.

We had to do many things in a short period. However, with the help of staff from A4D and diabetes clinic at Kantha Bopha Hospital, as well as from all active and prolific volunteers, we achieved that very first camp in Cambodia. I am proud that it was successful!”

Dr Puthe has left us for France, where he will continue his medical training. With his contribution towards running the first diabetes camp in Cambodia and now, receiving training in France, Dr Puthe is certainly beginning to live his dream of becoming a good doctor!

Special thanks from Dr Puthe:

“I am very grateful to all members at Diabetes clinic, especially Professor Iv Malene for recommending me to this position and always mentoring and advising me whenever I have difficulties.”

“Also, as a former staff of A4D in Cambodia, I would like to thank to the co-founders, the regional manager and other staffs for giving me this good working environment. I hope we can work together again sometimes in the future.”

We look forward to hearing about Dr Puthe’s further success and wish him all the best for the future. Hopefully, there will be opportunities for us to work together again to help improve healthcare in Cambodia.

At the first-ever Type 1 Diabetes camp in Cambodia

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