“Sustainability is very important. By investing in the expertise of health professionals on the ground we create a lasting resource that will benefit young people with Type 1, both for now and the future.”

Doctor Sponsorship

In under-resourced hospitals, A4D sponsor doctors who specialise in Type 1 Diabetes care. They deliver high-quality care to young people on our clinic support programme and visit families in the field.

Medical Training

Through the partnership with Hospitals such as the Siriraj in Bangkok, A4D organise and facilitate top-class training for Doctors from around the region.

In 2018, we sponsored a 4-week, intensive paediatric diabetes training course for 5 Doctors from Myanmar and Laos.

In this sense, we are playing a role in building a Type 1 Diabetes health-professional community across the region, capable of sharing information and learning from one another.

The conclusion of a 4-week Paediatric Diabetes Training course.