This week, we were absolutely thrilled to kick off our second programme in Myanmar partnering with MANDALAY CHILDREN’s HOSPITAL. We have committed to supply FREE INSULIN and FREE BLOOD TESTING to the diabetic children of Mandalay as from NOW! This is an incredible milestone for A4D and the treatment of diabetic kids in Myanmar, so a huge thanks goes out from the A4D team to all of you who donated over the last few months!

Until now the families have to pay for all their diabetes healthcare. Remember, this is not like the NHS in the UK. In Myanmar it’s really a case of life and death, and many Type 1 diabetic children do not reach adolescence because they simply cannot afford the medical supplies they need.

A huge thanks to our new partners at Mandalay Children’s Hospital. Seen in the picture with our co-founder Charlie Toomey, delivering the first batch of insulin, is Professor Aye Aye Myint, Professor Thi Thar, and Consultant Dr Myint Nilar(who will run the new Diabetes Clinic). Thanks guys and we really look forward to working with you.

Charles Manadlay Children's

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