We are absolutely delighted to announce that A4D has been selected to partner with the Kantha Bopha Foundation to support children with Type 1 Diabetes in Cambodia. The Kantha Bopha Hospitals were set up by Dr. Beat Richner, the pioneering and eminent Swiss children’s doctor in 1972.

The establishment and expansion of the Kantha Bopha project has been an amazing and unique success story. They now consisting of 5 hospitals treating an estimated 500,000 children every year and providing an around 80% of paediatric care in Cambodia.

Our Partnership

A4D has committed to support 50 young people with Type 1 Diabetes, meaning we will be providing them with free insulin and essential medical supplies. This includes blood testing equipment and access to personal development and training programmes. These development programmes include A4D Diabetes Family camps, where the children and their families will learn about the condition in an interactive and engaging way.

Looking into the future

In 2019 the number of young people with Type 1 Diabetes supported by A4D in partnership with Kantha Bopha Hospitals will increase to 100. This is another breakthrough for A4D and means we are now directly supporting over 300 disadvantaged young people who have Type 1 Diabetes across South East Asia.

Our mission is to save and transform lives. Through our partnership with Kantha Bopha, we are able to reach more young people who need our help.

Sincere thanks and gratitude to the amazing leaders at Kantha Bopha Foundation especially Peter Studer, Denis Laurent and Professor Malene who leads the Diabetes team at Kantha Bopha.

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