Early on May 27th, 55 walkers set off from Sheffield to take on the A4D True Grit Challenge. Together, the A4D Challengers walked a total of over 1,900 miles through the wind and rain across the Peak District inside 24 hours.

The walkers split away on two different routes: Silver and Gold.

The Gold route was a 50-mile loop, leaving from King Edwards School, Sheffield, at 7 am and heading up on to the Peak District.

At 25 miles, the Silver route was half the size but was made up of many A4D Challengers over half the age of the Gold walkers.

Young guns

The youngest to complete the 25-mile route was Jocelyn, 9, followed by Neev, 10, and Georgina, 11. At times the rain was horizontal, blown along by 40mph winds, so these young girls did incredibly well to complete the 25 miles.

Neev, aged 10, with her friend Georgina, 11, both walked 25 miles!

A4D Challenger, Neev Renton

But Neev is not new to A4D Challenges.

As a very active young lady with Type 1 Diabetes, Neev is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This summer, she will be heading down to the french alps to attempt to climb the Dome Des Ecrins with our co-founder, Jerry Gore.

Of the 27 A4D Challengers who started the Silver route, 23 managed to complete it which was a great effort.

It may have been wet and windy, but it was still fun!
True Grit Challenge
Young Guns finish the 25-mile silver route.

Older but Golden

Despite going through the town of Bakewell (famous for its tart), there was little sweet about the 50-mile Gold route. Despite this, 21 of the 28 starters managing to complete the route.

The last team finished at 4.30am and were out on the hills for a total of 21.5 hours. 50 miles is a gruelling distance and much of it had to walked in the dark.

Head torches on!

The weather made the challenge even harder: it rained, and rained, and rained.

At Lunch, the walkers found respite, where fantastic volunteers had rustled up a pasta lunch, accompanied by bananas and Nutella. The food hit the spot for many of the walkers, especially the fastest team: Peaks and Troughs.

Race to the Ranmoor Inn

The 8-strong walking party got around the course in 16 hours and 10 mins, powered by flapjack.

The Peaks and Troughs team included A4D Co-founder, Charles Toomey, who did well to keep with the younger team.

This team has already signed up for next year, so come along to True Grit 2020 if you think you can beat their time and get to the Ranmoor Inn before them.

Peaks and Troughs managed to get to the Ranmoor Inn just before closing time.

Why True Grit Challenge?

The Peak District is famed for it’s coarse-grained Sandstone. Known as Gritstone, it forms the hills and iconic rock-climbing edges in the rea.

This rock has long been an important natural resource as it makes great, grinding millstones with its rough and tough texture. As these are two characteristics required to complete a 50-mile walk, we decided to call this A4D Challenge the ‘True Grit Challenge’.

A4D True Grit Challenge is named after the Peak District Gritstone.

All money raised from the event goes towards supporting disadvantaged young people with Type 1 Diabetes in South East Asia.

Merry Marshals

The walkers received incredible support throughout from marshals and volunteers along the route.

Their smiles and encouragement were a welcome boost, and a massive thank you to them for giving their weekend to help support the event.

Melanie Versloot and her son, Daniel, at the midnight Bacon Butty stop.

THANK YOU: Will and Diana

A massive thank you to Will Legon, of Will4Adventure, and Diana Maynard for their efforts in organising the event. Despite the weather, the day ran smoothly and the route was fantastic.

Thanks also to all those who came along to show your support and raise money for Action4Diabetics, and see you next year for the True Grit Challenge 2020.

On your marks… get set…

When is the next A4D Challenge?

Interested in taking part in 2020? Please contact us!

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