Saturday 27th April 2019 – Walk the Peak District – ONE day – ONE child – ONE life – ONE year!

In collaboration with Will4Advenutre, this year’s true grit A4D challenge is being held in the stunning Peak District National Park on Saturday 27th April 2019. The aim? To walk as much of the 50-mile route as possible in 24 hours!

Wherever you stop, we’ll pick you up. How far will you go?

This A4D challenge will be a continuous sponsored walk… as far as your legs will take you! With regular marshals and support drivers, you will be able to walk as far as you can up to a maximum of 50 miles inside 24 hours.


Pick up points will be located along the route. But watch out, after 25 miles, walkers will need to continue in small teams (minimum pairs) and be supported by vehicle checkpoints at key locations.

When is the true grit challenge?

This 24-hour event will commence on Saturday 27th April at 7 am and finish the following day at 7 am… or when walkers can walk no further – whichever happens first! Please note, it would be great to have family and friends join and lend a hand as marshals. The fundraisers will need all the support they can get out on the hills!

The Route

An outline of the route can be viewed here on MapMyRun. This is for you to get an idea of where the route goes – but it is no good for navigating by! The route is circular and will start and finish in Sheffield, via the halfway point near Bakewell. It follows footpaths, bridleways, and byways, and some roads. It is easily navigated and pleasant to follow.

Marshals will be located along the route to help show the way. All walkers are expected to print off and to carry this detailed route description. Having quick access to it on your smartphone on the day will also help since many key locations are hyperlinked to online maps.

Why do an A4D challenge?

If untreated, Type 1 Diabetes is fatal. Hundreds of young people still die every year in South-East Asia because they simply do not have access to essential medication and support. But we are trying to change this. Since starting out in Myanmar in 2015, A4D have spread their operation across the region and are now working in 5 countries, providing over 320 young people with the insulin and blood testing equipment they need to live a full and active life.

If you can raise £400, it will be enough to support one child for a whole year with essential medcation and support, so please come and show your grit this April to save and transform a life.


If you would like to be a marshal for the event, please contact:

For more information about the event, please contact Diana Maynard:  (07941 524635)