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Action4Diabetics (A4D) is a UK-registered Type 1 Diabetes charity, focused on providing care and support to disadvantaged young people with the condition in Southeast Asia.

The A4D Programmes:

A4D run five key programmes that help save and transform lives in southeast Asia. Learn more about them here:

– 1. A4D Clinic Support Programme

The A4D Clinic Support Programme logo

“We establish sustainable care solutions that secure the long-term health of young people with Type 1 Diabetes, regardless of their socio-economic background”

We currently support over


young people with Type 1 Diabetes



countries in southeast Asia

The A4D Clinic Support Programme ensures young people with Type1 Diabetes (T1D) have:

  • Free Insulin
  • Free Blood Glucose Testing Kits
  • Free HBA1c tests and other specific medical care
  • Financial support to cover travel expenses to and from hospital
  • Cover costs in case of medical emergency

For the families we support, the financial cost of having a child with Type 1 Diabetes can be crippling. A4D alleviates this burden and gives hope for the future.

Family in Myanmar who are supported by type 1 Diabetes charity, action4diabetics
A family in Myanmar who receive support on A4D Clinic Support Programme.

– 2. A4D Diabetes Family Camp

A4D diabetes family camp logo

“We run A4D Diabetes Camps to give young people living with Type 1 Diabetes, and their families, the opportunity to come together to make friends and learn from health professionals. They are fun and informative!”

children holding banner for A4D camp in Malaysia type 1 diabetes charity

A confidence booster:

Fun learning is the best sort of learning for young people, especially when they are trying to understand something that can be as emotionally challenging as T1D.

Often the families come from rural and isolated areas, meaning they have little to no contact with other people who have the condition. The camps bring people together for fun activities such as bingo, cooking classes, sports and role model sessions. All lessons focus on a specific area of T1D health.

young people at A4D type 1 diabetes camp having fun on beach charity

Fun for the Children, facts for the parents

Health professionals also sit down with the parents to discuss the challenges that T1D pose. Through open discussion of T1D, families leave the camp in a better position to support their children and help them achieve their full potential.

– 3. ASPIRE Scholarship Programme

ASPIRE A4D scholarship logo for type 1 Diabetes

“We believe that Type 1 Diabetes should not hold young people back from achieving their potential. Our ambition is for the young people we support to become healthy and independent adults.”

  • Financial support to access higher education.
  • Opportunities to develop as individuals through attending personal development workshops organised by A4D.
  • Access to Type 1 role models: the A4D Ambassadors.

Three young people on the ASPIRE scholarship:

Banh, Chef Training

Pandy, University

Grym, University

“Thank you for the opportunity, for the scholarship and for assisting me. A4D is a Type 1 Diabetes charity with so much value. I am so glad I met Fiona and Lisa, they have always helped me. I am incredibly happy to receive such an amazing opportunity from A4D. I will do my best to take care of my health and focus on my studies. Thank you. Thank you so much.” Pandy, Thailand

– 4. A4D Healthcare Capacity Building

A4D healthcare capacity building logo of hospital

“We help improve the expertise of healthcare professionals on the ground to create a lasting resource that will benefit young people with Type 1 Diabetes both now and in the future.”

A4D Sponsored Doctors

In under-resourced hospitals, A4D sponsor doctors who specialise in Type 1 Diabetes care. They deliver high-quality assistance to young people on the A4D Clinic Support Programme and visit families in the field.

Medical Training

Through partnerships with hospitals such as the Siriraj in Bangkok, A4D organise and facilitate top-class training for doctors from around the southeast Asia region.

The programme is playing a crucial role in creating a Type 1 Diabetes healthcare-professional community across the region, capable of sharing information and learning from one another.

For example, A4D organised the first-ever meeting of Type 1 Diabetes care professionals in the region. You can read recent stories from A4D Healthcare Capacity Building here:

A4D Doctor providing type 1 diabetes care for charity
An A4D Sponsored Doctor, Dr Aung Ba, in rural Myanmar on a home visit.

– 5. Sponsor a Child

A4D sponsor a child logo of two smiling faces

“This programme allows a donor to contribute directly to the essential care and support a young person with Type 1 Diabetes needs to survive and thrive.”

young girl on bike in thailand

Why Sponsor a Child?

By sponsoring a child through A4D you can directly help save and transform a young life by providing them with access to essential medical supplies and other basic components of diabetes care.

Where we work:

We partner with over twenty hospitals and clinics in six countries across Southeast Asia.

the sites in southeast asia that action4diabetics operate

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