2017 was a rewarding year for everyone involved with A4D. As an organisation, we took some big steps forward with the generous support of donors and volunteers.
The 2017 Achievements:

Grym, a young ambassador for Action4Diabetics, shares his experience of living with T1D in Thailand.

In 2017, A4D enrolled 125 new young people with T1D (Type 1 Diabetes) onto the Clinic Support Programme, bringing the total to 255.

125 young people went from being in a situation of despair with little to no access to essential medication to one of hope for the future. Further to this, families were able to see their child go back to school and have the chance to live a healthy and happy life rather than slowly, and painfully, fading away.

In 2017, A4D organised 3 A4D family camps, 2 in Thailand and 1 in Myanmar.

Over 200 people attended the events where they learnt how to effectively manage T1D. The camps raised awareness of the condition and engaged local health professionals. A result of this has been an increase in early diagnosis of children from remote areas; a result which will help to save and transform more lives. Running such sustainable events make A4D immensely proud.

The Action4Diabetics team in Cambodia.

In 2017, A4D initiated operations in Vietnam and Cambodia.

The expanded coverage allowed us to reach more people with T1D. This was only made possible due to the support of the local health officials in each country. However, A4D’s reputation for making a difference and running successful programs is spreading across the region, helping make the process much easier.



Banh-ohn, from Laos, was one of the first children signed onto the Sponsor A Child scheme.

In 2017, 20 donors helped us kick-start the Sponsor a Child programme.

This means 20 generous pledges were made to financially support an individual with T1D, covering the child’s cost of medication and general medical support. It took a lot of work to set up, and it was fantastic to let our supporters see the direct impact of their donation on someone else’s life and watch them grow and develop.

These achievements of 2017 are not only a credit to the hard work of our small (but growing!) team, but are also evidence of the desperate and ongoing need for T1D care across South-East Asia.

What is A4D’s goal for 2018?

Our target is to raise USD 250,000. This will enable us to increase enrolment in our Clinical Support Program to 375 young people with T1D across 6 countries.

Our ability to achieve this goal depends on the decisions of others and not only A4D’s efforts. People’s decision to donate or not donate, their decision to support or not support, will determine how many children we can save and how many lives we can transform.

To all those who supported us in 2017 and enabled us to hit our goals, a massive thank you! Long may it continue.

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