At the end of February 2019, Action4Diabetics (A4D) signed a memorandum of agreement with Laos PDR’s Ministry of Health. During the ceremony at Mahosot Hospital in Vientiane, both parties agreed what activities A4D will conduct in the country over the following year to help secure the health and well being of young people with Type 1 Diabetes in Laos.

As many as 15 young people should be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes every year in Laos according to its population. However, this number has been significantly lower since A4D began operations in the country in 2016. With this agreement, A4D and the fantastic team at Mahosot Hospital have identified the need to improve the infrastructure and care available in the country for young people with Type 1 Diabetes.


Steps towards resolving unique challenges in Laos

The Memorandum of Agreement will enable A4D to launch our Sponsor a Child (SAC) programme in the country. The SAC programme is essential as it offers low-income families any extra financial support they may need. For instance, transport costs to and from the hospital which is of particular concern in Laos as many people live in very remote areas and must travel considerable distances to access healthcare.

As well as this, we will hold our first Diabetes Family Camp in the country later this year. Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Laos is difficult as Sticky Rice is the primary source of carbohydrate. However, as a foodstuff, Stick Rice is not good for people with Type 1 Diabetes as it contains a lot of sugar. A Diabetes Family Camp will be a great opportunity to educate young people about the alternatives available.


A bright future for the care of Type 1 Diabetes in Laos

This ‘Type 1 Diabetes Support Programme’ agreement will hopefully pave the way for a successful and productive relationship between Action4Diabetics and the Ministry of Health.

With SAC, Diabetes Family Camps to begin, we will also continue the Clinic Support Programme and training for healthcare professionals.

As an organisation, we are grateful for the support of the Government as we seek to improve the health care available to people in Laos together.


Thank you! Khop Jai!

The signing event in Vientiane was attended by:

  • Dr Phisith Phoutsavath, General Director of Mahosot Hospital,
  • Dr Khonesavanh Luangxay, Head of Paediatric Department,
  • Dr Manoloth Sayarath, Deputy Head of Paediatric Department,
  • Dr Mayvone Vongsamphanh, Deputy Head of Paediatric Department,
  • Dr Khaysy Rassavong, Head of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit,
  • Dr Bhandit, Head of Paediatric Emergency Room,
  • Dr Amphayvanh Manivong, Paediatrician for Diabetes Care
  • Dr Sidavone Sayyaphet, Coordinator, Administration Department of Mahosot Hospital.

A big thank you to them for putting together the agreement and their continued efforts to integrate the work of A4D into their current operations.

Also, a thank you to Moe Zaw and San San from MEG for their support and attendance of the event.


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  1. Al of that , I would like to be a part of this program. Whatever I can spaek a little. I all of my hearts want to help can be . Hopefully you apply to me and chose me because it’s a first step to learning many things i’ve never know before . It’s very interesting about that . I’m waiting you apply back
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