Massive congratulations to Neev, who has type 1 diabetes, and her dad, Ali, for completing their Action4Diabetics tandem challenge.

The father and daughter team cycled 57 km in 7 hrs on their 1966 tandem, taking in some epic Tour de France climbs on the way. The 8% gradient hills were no match for cycling machine Neev, who helped her dad with the 1841 m ascent of their route.

Despite the tough climbs, Jane Renton, Neev’s mother said it was ‘an amazing day and ride and I am so proud of them both. I think Alister enjoyed it but he underestimated it!’

Going up one of the hills Alister stopped to take a reading of Neev’s blood sugar levels, as he must do regularly. Unfortunately it was too low, at 2.4mg/dl,  for them to continue right away. A few jelly babies and a fruit pastille later however, Neev was back on the bike and peddling.

This is a fantastic example of how type 1 diabetes can be effectively managed. Neev can live a full and active life, cycling through the alps with her Dad, because she has access to the right blood testing kit and the her fathers informed care (jelly babies).

And this is why Action4Diabetics has such a massive impact on the lives of young adults and children with type 1 diabetes across South East Asia. A4D can provide the care and support that these people need to not only survive, but thrive.

So again, a big thanks to Jane and Alister for choosing to support Action4Diabetics and well done Neev, who at the age of 7 is showing us that type 1 diabetes does not need to be excuse!

Please visit their JustGiving page is still up and running and includes more information on their 1966, handmade tandem as well as their route.

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