In Cambodia, there are few educational materials about Type 1 Diabetes available to young people with the condition. The camps we run play a crucial role in addressing this issue and ensuring that children on our Clinic Support Programmes can live a full and active life.

The Day

Our latest Diabetes Day was run in collaboration with Preah Kossamak Hospital. It is here that 14 of the 17 patients on the A4D Clinic Support Programme in the country are enrolled.
Not only did the patients receive essential medical supplies on the day, they also took part in interactive workshops. We covered all of our 6 Key Factors of Diabetes care
 It was a jam-packed day, designed to be fun and engaging to help inspire hope and a proactive attitude towards managing their condition.

Great Feedback

We received some wonderful feedback from the event with all activities scored by the participants as either ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’.
“After the camp, we noted that all young diabetic patients and their parents were very satisfied with this educational session, and they were telling us to convey message to A4D to organsie another camp next year.”  Dr Khun
Interestingly, popular activities chosen by the participants and their family were all educational. They included: Understanding T1D, Insulin Injection & Storage, Hyper and Hypo Management. This shows access to information regarding the management of the condition is desperately needed and appreciated.
Dr. Khun, the Director of the Diabetes Center, did an fantastic job helping us organise the event. So a massive thank you to her and all of the staff for their dedication and care.
For those interested in understanding how we structure our Type 1 Diabetes days, below is the schedule from the day.
[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Diabetes Day Camp_Preah Kossamak_Programme_V3″]

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