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We are delighted to announce the launch of Hello Type 1, a new, groundbreaking online resource for people with Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia. Through both Facebook and Websites, we are now creating local language educational materials with our partner Hello Krupet.

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is a complex condition. Those with it must manage their blood sugar levels accurately in order to live a full and active life. But this is not easy if you cannot readily access medical information in your first language. Unfortunately, many of the young people we support in rural parts of South-East Asia struggle to learn about their T1D because the conventional approach of distributing leaflets through clinics is limited in its reach.

The Online Opportunity

A decade ago, only 20% of people in South-East Asia had access to the Internet. However, young people in the region are now some of the most engaged Internet users in the world; hundreds-of-millions of people who rarely leave their locality now have mobile phones and can educate themselves and expand their horizons. 

With the number of people using the Internet rapidly growing across the region, we believe there is now scope to provide access to carefully curated online guidance and advice in local languages. We have designed Hello Type 1 as a constant companion and resource for children and families, so they do not have to travel or wait before they can access potentially life-saving information.

Here is what the website, Hello Type 1, looks like. See it for yourself here.

Cambodia: Phase 1

In mid-July, we launched the programme in Cambodia. We collaborated closely with local healthcare professionals to ensure that the content we produce is accurate and fits well in local context.

Access to the platforms is not limited to people we support with medication, but is open to anyone with Type 1 Diabetes in Cambodia. Working closely with our A4D Clinics in the region, we have begun to introduce both the Hello Type 1 Facebook page and the on HelloKrupet website to young people and families.

Everyone has the right to access care

We believe that people with Type 1 Diabetes have a right to live a full and active life. Where someone is from or how much money they have should not make a difference. If a young person with Type 1 Diabetes can access medical information and has insulin and blood testing equipment, then they are empowered to take control of their health. That is why the Hello Type 1 programme is an important part of our mission to save and transform lives.

Over the next few years, we hope to expand the platform across South-East Asia. If we are successful, HelloType1 will empower thousands of young people with the condition not just to survive but thrive and Hello Type 1 well become a key-stone programme in the region for Type 1 Diabetes care.

patient visit for A4D in southern thailand type 1 diabetes

Thank you!

A big Thank You to our healthcare partners on the ground in Cambodia, including Kantha Bopha Hospital, Preah Kossamak Hospital, Jayavarman VII Hospital and National Paediatric Hospital of Cambodia. It is only through close collaboration that we can achieve our shared objectives and help to improve the lives of young people with T1D in the region.

And of course, HelloKrupet (HelloHealth in Cambodia) who have been instrumental in getting making HelloType1 up and running. Their dedicated team will continue to produce educational content.

A video on the new, Hello Type 1 Facebook page in khmer.

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