Kate Nye london to paris ride for people with Type 1 Diabetes

Helping her pupils manage their Type 1 Diabetes gave Kate an insight into the condition. Now she wants to help other children, like them, but who do not have the support of the NHS. Read her story and please support her JustGiving page.

Our world is changing by the minute; we wouldn’t have thought it possible as we welcomed in the New Year we would be where we are now. Our new reality is a sobering and difficult one for many of us and much more so for those who already live with challenges in their day to day lives.

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Back in September last year, I was looking for a new challenge to work on. Having completed my first event with the organisation Dream Challenges, I was eager to give something else a go. So I took the advice to focus on raising money for a cause to which I felt a personal connection. The two children that I work with are so inspirational, throwing themselves into life at full throttle. I knew I had to follow the example that they set.

And so, I have the pleasure to be raising funds for Action4Diabetics (A4D) on the London to Paris Bike Ride 2020. At the time of writing the event, which is planned for 10th September 2020, is still going ahead and I am hoping to spread the message far and wide so that I can raise as much as I can for this amazing charity that supports young people with Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia.

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The children I work with were lucky to be born into a society with great health care and access to medication, so when they were diagnosed they could get the help they needed. Others are not so lucky. I can definitely say that the current situation that we find ourselves in has made me step back and take stock. It is so easy to take for granted our NHS and those amazing people who work in it, but just imagine if it wasn’t there!

Kate has assured us she has found a more appropriate bike for London to Paris!

That is the reality for millions of people, and it is where the work of charities like A4D is so vitally important. Just £450 will mean a child with Type 1 Diabetes can have the essential medication they need for a whole year! Imagine the impact that could have, not only on the child but on their family too!  Raising funds is so important and though we are all understandably focused on other events, now more than ever charities like A4D need our support.

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I’m not what you’d call a natural cyclist and peddling from London to Paris will be a real challenge! I used to cycle to school as a teenager and was very proud of my gold (yes, gold!) racing bike that I got for Christmas one year. Luckily enough, I now live on the edge of the beautiful Lake District and once in a while, I enjoy a gentle ride through the stunning scenery. 

But, Let’s face it, I am an “Average Joe” when it comes to my cycling skills and experience and my plan is to be the Tortoise, not the Hare!  Now more than ever I am committed to doing the very best I can to fulfil my promise to A4D and those who rely on their great work.

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My modest target of £2000 will be is enough to support at least four young people with essential medication for a year! I need to hit this total by the beginning of July and would love that figure to be much more by the time the ride begins in September. I will post regular updates on my fundraising page and hope to be able to show you the routes that I follow as I work towards my goal.

Kate Nye London to paris cyclist

So please, if you are able, go to my JustGiving page and help me in supporting A4D during these difficult times.  Let as many people know as you can about the event, and I hope to see you all at the finish line in Paris!  Kate.

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