jerry gore on tour in south-east asia

Over two-and-a-half weeks at the end of 2019, the A4D co-founder crossed multiple time zones and borders with a busy itinerary of meetings.

Passionate and committed, Jerry Gore sat down with supporters and health-care professionals from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia to celebrate their successes and make plans for the future.

One of the few things that did remain settled was Jerry’s blood sugar levels—managing Type 1 Diabetes while on the move, with new foods and routines is tough. But Jerry averaged out at a respectable 120mg/dl for the trip!

Jerry Gore A4D co-founder with doctor in Thailand

Here is ‘Gore on Tour’ in Jerry’s own words:

“It all started with the A4D supported Dr May and our A4D Regional Manager Fiona Ooi, when I carried out home visits in and around Yangon, Southern Myanmar.

Then over in Vientiane, Laos together with Dr Khaysy and the Mahosot Hospital Diabetes team, I did two days of home visits to children with Type 1 Diabetes. I also managed to fit in a beautiful lunch courtesy of Moe Zaw, our A4D Laos partner, with Mahosot Hospital doctors and nurses we work with including Dr Manivong, Dr Sidavone and Director-General Dr. Phoutsavath.

Then it was off by coach across Friendship Bridge back into Thailand and a celebration of World Diabetes Day with Paediatric Doctor, Dr Elly and our new A4D clinic partners at Khon Kaen Hospital.

I made speeches to celebrate the day to Diabetes patients, Healthcare Professionals and hospital staff. Then a lovely lunch of local Norther-Eastern Thai – also known as Isaan – cuisine with Dr Elly, Dr. Oad, and Paediatric Nurses Jeal, Phen, Toto and Puy.

Then a flight down to Bangkok for the night before another flight to Cambodia and a three-day Diabetes family Camp in Phnom Penh. We had over 56 children with Type 1 Diabetes plus family members plus a big team of young doctors and students from Shrewsbury International School. Just over 150 in all. Much fun and learning were enjoyed by all, including some real personal breakthroughs for patients and family members alike. All thanks to the Kantha Bopha hospital under the leadership of Prof Malene, Don Bosco College for accommodating us all and Shrewsbury International School for providing a great team of students and staff.

Jerry Gore (far right) and A4D supporters on the Beiersdorf fun-run

I then caught a flight back to Bangkok for a final flurry of meetings. They included a morning at Siriraj Hospital Diabetes Centre with Prof Supawadee and her team, a day with pro T1DM cyclist Justin Morris and Novo Nordisk pharma.

An afternoon fun run and sponsorship promo organised by Beiersdorf Nivea, presentations at Harrow and Shrewsbury international schools, and a highly productive meeting with a Thai national foundation.

In total the A4D team raised well over USD 100,000 in under three weeks. The funds raised were the culmination of months of preparation by the A4D team. It was an exhausting schedule, but all brilliantly organised by Fiona Ooi and skippered by my co-founder Charles Toomey with much love and support by our A4D Asian team. Onwards and upwards!”

Jerry Gore with the team at Mahosot Hospital in Laos

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