16 year old Lea, a patient of A4D’s, lives over 11,000 km from the French Alps in a remote corner of Laos. Despite this, the money raised by our A4D team tackling ‘Le Grand 2016’ is going to have a massive impact on her life as well as many other young type 1 diabetics across South East Asia.

Having joined the A4D programme in June this year, Lea now has access to the insulin and blood glucose testing kits that she needs to live a life that is not one of pain and suffering, but full of opportunities.

Without money raised through events such as Le Grand, this care will stop.

MEG, who are one of the Le Grand sponsors, help A4D co-ordinate operations in Laos and through working with the government, have identify 3 other children in Laos with type 1 diabetes this year. They include Pazil, 10, Vijin 14 and Sithisan,10. These children, along with others in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar, now have the care and support that they need to live a full and active life.

By cycling one of the most formidable routes across the alps, our co-founder Jerry Gore, who has type 1 diabetes, is proving what can be achieved if the condition is properly managed. Unfortunately, A4D is still falling short. In the countries where we operate there are children with type 1 diabetes who are not receiving the right medication and education that they need to survive and, like Jerry, thrive.

This is why the work that A4d does is so important and has such a massive impact. The fact that 100% of all money raised from challenges like ‘Le Grand’ goes directly to our patients, unlike some large bureaucratic charities, means we are a charity well worth supporting.


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