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Action4Diabetics (A4D) have partnered with Mahosot Hospital, Vientiane, to hold the first-ever Type 1 Diabetes training in Laos. Attended by over sixty healthcare professionals, the event at the end of September 2019 helped to significantly raise awareness of the condition in the country and improve care.

Making a difference to people with Type 1 Diabetes in Laos

Before A4D began operations in Laos, there was little support for people with Type 1 Diabetes in the country. A4D now support 30 young people in Laos who, without our help, could not afford essential medication.

young people with Type 1 Diabetes in Laos hold sharp-bins
From our latest diabetes family camp in Laos – the first of it’s kind in the country!

However, improving survival rates for people with the condition in the country is not just reliant on access to medication. Health professionals must also understand the best practice for insulin treatment.

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The A4D Health Capacity Building program aims to do just this, and is instrumental in improving Type 1 Diabetes care in Laos.

lady looks at lecturer in a4d healthcare capacity building programme in Laos for people with Type 1 Diabetes
Taking notes. A minimum of two participants from every province in Laos were involved in the event.

Coming together for ‘significant milestone’ in Type 1 Diabetes care

Paediatricians and physicians came from all 18 provinces of Laos for the event with facilitators from the Lao-American Nutrition Institute.

We also welcomed Dr Nattakarn Suwansaksri and Dr Jaturat Perchkul from Thailand, who also lent their experience to the course. 

learning about insulin dosage type 1 diabetes laos
Dr Amphayvanh Manivong discussing insulin best practice insulin treatment

With lectures, case studies and hands-on practical activities, the course remained interactive and engaging. Dr Phisith Phousavath, the Director of Mahosot Hospital, acknowledged the training session was a significant milestone for Type 1 Diabetes care in Laos.

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Dr Amphayvanh Manivong and Dr Khaysy Rassavong, senior doctors in Vientiane, helped to direct proceedings that included insulin technique and dosage calculations.

senior doctors for Mahosot hospital in Laos and speakers at A4D event saving and transforming lives in Asia
Speakers from the A4D healthcare capacity building event.

Looking into the future

In order to ensure the impact of the course, the next task will be to implement a follow-up training programme. Patients can access care for many years to come if paediatricians and physicians can cement their learnings over the course of the year.

best practice diabetes training asia
Medical staff learning about blood testing schedules

The hope is that all knowledge acquired will be returned to a provincial level, helping give a major boost to the quality of Type 1 Diabetes care in the country. We felt assured that this would be the case after a lively Q&A session at the end of the event showed health professionals were engaging with their new understanding.

A big thank you to Mahosot Hospital who have been great partners in helping to organise the event. Also, thanks to those who travelled from far and wide to be with us. We were proud to create this milestone moment in Type 1 Diabetes care in the country with you. 

team a4d with the speakers of the event in Vientiane
Team A4D – Fiona and Claudia – with speakers from the event.

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