Neev Renton: taking on 4015m, ‘Le Dôme,’ for herself and others

Neev Renton, 10, is attempting to climb Le Dôme de Neige des Écrins this August in support of Action4Diabetics (A4D). It will be an amazing feat, made even more remarkable by the fact that she has Type 1 Diabetes.

The 4000m+ snow-capped mountain in the Southern French Alps will take two-days of technical snow and ice climbing to reach the summit, meaning Neev will need crampons and ice axes on the steep slopes to reach the summit!

The aim? To raise money and awareness for Action4Diabetics (A4D), a charity that supports young people with Type 1 Diabetes, like Neev, but from disadvantaged backgrounds in South-East Asia.

If successful, we believe Neev will be the first person under the age of 11 with Type 1 Diabetes to climb an alpine peak!

Type 1 Diabetes does NOT hold you back. Just ask Jerry Gore!

We have all fingers crossed that A4D co-founder Jerry Gore, will be fit to take Neev up the mountain. Earlier this year, Jerry had an ankle operation and is currently still undergoing physio.

Jerry is our resident Type 1 Diabetes hero. He held the British record for the fastest ascent of the North Face of the Eiger. As well as this he had numerous other big wall climbs and expeditions to his name.

Jerry Gore and Neev Renton. Both are Type 1 Diabetic heroes, who help raise money for young people with Type 1 Diabetes
Need Renton with Uncle Jerry 🙂

Over the years, Jerry has been a great inspiration to Neev and her family.

Getting ready for her biggest challenge yet.

Neev has been training all winter and spring for this climb with numerous mountain hikes, and long-distance cycle rides.

During these practices, Neev has been testing her blood sugars every three hours. It is then down to the insulin pump, that she routinely adjusts, to control her sugar spikes. Going through this process will prove invaluable when it comes to an ascent of ‘Le Dome’.

The A4D team will camp at Ailefroide in the Ecrins Massif for three nights to acclimatise. Once adjusted to the altitude, the group will head up into the mountains for the summit attempt.

“Le Dôme de Neige des Écrins (4,015m) is considered a worthy challenge for an experienced adult mountaineer. For a 10-year-old, with Type 1 Diabetes, the challenge is huge. It will require 3 am starts in sub-zero temperatures at altitudes over 3,000m. Bear in mind Ben Nevis is 1,345m.”

A message from our patron, Sir Chris Boninton
Sir Chris Bonington is the patron of Action4Diabetics, a charity supporting people with Type 1 Diabetes in South East Asia. here he is with the A4D co-founder, Jerry and Charlie
World-renowned mountaineer, Sir Chris Bonington with our co-founders Jerry, right, and Charles, left.

Where will the raised money Neev go?

Action4Diabetics (A4D) is a UK registered charity saving and transforming the lives of disadvantaged people with Type 1 Diabetes.

In the UK, the likes of Henry Slade (international rugby player) and Theresa May (prime minister) live full and active lives with the condition. Like Neev, they receive free care on the NHS.

Untreated, Type 1 Diabetes is fatal. In South-East Asia where A4D operate, people still die from this condition. This is normally because they can either not afford the medication, or they are not correctly diagnosed.

However, A4D is changing this, and now support nearly 400 disadvantaged children in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar.

£400 is enough to provide one child with the care they need to survive for a year. Together, with our partners, the charity is helping to improve patient access across the region.

A photo from the A4D Family camp where young people with Type 1 Diabetes come together to learn about their condition in a fun, and safe environment
An A4D Family Camp where young people with Type 1 Diabetes come together to learn about how to manage their condition and here inspiring stories from people like Neev!

Type 1 Diabetes hero: a fundraiser and a role-model

Many challenges lie ahead for Neev as a person with Type 1 Diabetes. However, the fact that she can already look after her condition well should be a great source of confidence to her.

Likewise, for the children we support, to see someone like Neev, achieve incredible things in their aid, is inspirational. For example, we had a group of girls take up cycling as a hobby after hearing about the A4D Cycle Ride: Vuelta De Los Pyrenees!

By both helping to save AND transform lives, Neev is indeed a Type 1 Diabetes hero!

Neev and her friends on the recent A4d True Grit Challenge in the Peak District having fun.
Neev (on the right) and her friends on the recent A4D True Grit Challenge in the Peak District enjoying the rain!

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