Another fantastic A4D success and completed challenge from young Neev, who has cycled 20km in icy conditions and -5C temperatures to raise money for diabetic kids in South East Asia. A huge congratulations to Neev, Poppy, Neil and Alister, with Iona and Jane joining at the end! 20 miles of trials, blood tests, falls, tyres on, chains off, cold hands, teary eyes, freezing breath and honey sandwiches, and she made it!


Neev is herself a young diabetic, and took the brave and selfless decision to take on this challenge for other diabetic children in the world’s poorest countries. She has raised an incredible £1402 so far – enough to support 3 Type-1 diabetics for a whole year! This is a fantastic achievement and a huge inspiration to all of us to get out their and take on our own challenges. A huge well done to Neev and her family !


Thank you Neve

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