We welcome Fiona Ooi to the A4D set up! Fiona is originally from Malaysia but is now based in A4D HQ, Bangkok. Her knowledge of the region and her first hand experience of the enormous challenges that young people with type 1 diabetes face, makes Fiona a great fit for the new role.

Fiona has been involved in diabetes care since 2005, when she worked with Danish company Novo Nordisk. In her role, Fiona implemented both global and local projects and in doing so gained a deep understanding of the condition and the best practice methods for managing it. It is this wealth of experience coupled with her natural belief in humility, respect and responsibility that make us so excited to have her on board.

Through her commitment to environmental campaigning and other charity work, Fiona has shown a genuine desire to have a positive impact on the world around her and this is an attitude that we really embrace at A4D!

Fiona’s primary task will be to help implement the A4D patient support plan in collaboration with local partners. However, she will also help coordinate fundraising events and provide content for our social media. The work she will be doing will make an invaluable contribution to the future of the charity and those we care for.

Welcome Fiona!


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