The A4D team have finished their very successful tour of South-East Asia. Let’s look back at some of the highlights!

The co-founders were excited to be joined by Fiona Ooi, the first salaried A4D team member, for a jam-packed programme across Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

After some internal meetings in Bangkok, the A4D team flew to Mandalay, Myanmar on the 20th November. First stop, the Mandalay Children’s Hospital, where they visited the only specialist Paediatric clinic of it’s kind in Northern Myanmar. Under the supervision of Dr Mint Nilar, the A4D Support Programme now cares for 17 children with Type 1 Diabetes in the region and the A4D team were lucky enough to meet a number of their families.

Both Jerry Gore and Charles Toomey gave presentations to a group of doctors and nurses. They communicated with them both the challenges and opportunities that young people with Type 1 Diabetes face.  A4D received some brilliant feedback and there were lots of smiling faces!





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