Pyin Oo Lwin, a historic hill station outside Mandalay, played host to the first ever A4D Family Camp in Northern Myanmar. The Action4Diabetics team invited 21 young people with Type 1 Diabetes, along with their families, for an action packed three days starting on March 24th. Each morning kicked off with our co-founders, Jerry Gore and Charlie Toomey, leading exercise classes to help the children focus and teach them the value of physical activity in managing T1D. Education is crucial in managing Type 1 Diabetes effectively. The A4D team were lucky enough to have over 20 medical students in attendance. These young medics helped run interactive sessions; teaching the children about injecting, nutrition and much more. By giving the future doctors in the Mandalay area this experience, A4D are helping to secure the future of the young people with Type 1 Diabetes on our programmes.

Over the course of the weekend the children also enjoyed showing off their creative sides. Jewellery making, painting and live music were just a handful of the activities and entertainment on show. By having a really engaging camp, A4D hope to accelerate the families’ understanding of their condition, allowing them to monitor it closely and work with T1D, rather than against it.

A particular highlight of the weekend was the visit to the Pyin Oo Lwin Botanical Gardens. The children and their families were able to explore the park and lakes, making the most of the good weather. Diabetes is no reason to not have fun!1

We received some great feedback after the event. It is great to have the opportunity to build relationships with the children and their families on our programs in Northern Myanmar. This will also help
us to closely monitor the progress and the management of the condition.

Finally, a big thank you to our sponsors Nivea Beiersdorf, Roche Diagnostics, City of Love and Novo Nordisk, plus our amazing and wonderful volunteers and all members of the A4D family for helping us run another successful camp!

Until next time!

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