A4D Cycle Challenge 2018: Vuelta de los Pyrenees

Having access to Insulin and blood testing equipment is crucial to survival with Type 1 Diabetes.

Healthy living, especially good diet and regular exercise, are also important in helping manage the condition well. We want the children we support to not only survive, but thrive.

By raising money for essential medication, supporters help to SAVE a life, and by becoming a role model for healthy living through participating in an A4D Challenge, supports help to TRANSFORM a life.

Become an A4D Challenger and become part of our mission to Save and Transform lives.

“We are so lucky in the UK to have the NHS… the thought of not having access to insulin is frightening”

Andy Penn, A4D Challenger

Upcoming A4D Challenges:

Three girls on our Clinic Support Programme in Myanmar. They were inspired to learn how to ride a bike after learning about the A4D Cycle Challenge 2018.

An A4D Challenge can be anything from walk in the park to an Iron Man. Contact us to create your own!