A4D Co-Founder, Jerry Gore, is not one for excuses. He has Type 1 Diabetes and fractured his neck last summer in a cycling accident. This caused extensive nerve damage in his right arm, but Jerry defied expectations to get back on a bike and have a crack at the mega, Sea2Summit Challenge in August.

Sea2Summit: In Brief

The challenge took 5 A4D Cyclists from Nice, on the coast, and rode the 221km to the base camp of Dôme de Neige des Écrins, the highest mountain to be wholly inside France. They then embarked on a 9-hour climb up the mountain, reaching a height of just over 4,000 meters before being forced down by high-winds, dangerous snow conditions in – 21C temperatures.


Type 1: No excuse with the right care

There are some things that cannot be controlled, and the weather is one. However, Jerry was able to control his blood sugar levels throughout the challenge, regularly testing his blood and injecting insulin. Without the ability to do this, completing these physical challenges or even living day to day life would not be possible. For Jerry, Type 1 Diabetes is not an excuse!


Making a difference

And that is what the Sea2Summit was all about, raising money for young people with Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia. We want them to have the freedom to, like Jerry, not have an excuse to achieve their potential.

There are young people who, without our help, would simply not have access to essential medication and support. So far, the Sea2Summit team has raised over €7,500 and are hoping to close in on their €40,000 target after donations, and presentations!

Congratulations and massive thanks to Ilonka Biermans, Wout van Hoof, Guillaume Rousset, Hugh Robinson and Pierre Prebet for their huge efforts in taking part in the challenge. Also thanks to the support team: Jackie Gore, Marie-Antoinette Rousset and Pierre Rousset. Their efforts are helping us save and transform lives!

Follow this link to see the Strava Relive of the challenge, it is impressive: 


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