A4D Co-founder and type 1 diabetic, Jerry Gore, continues to amaze.

His latest adventure is taking him up Mt Cholatse in the the Nepalese Himalaya as a guide! For Jerry, Diabetes is not an excuse as he proves that with the right medication and education, the sky is the limit!

This gives us all real hope for those young people with type 1 diabetes whom we support in SE Asia as it shows the massive impact that correct management of the condition has on their lives. Not only does it allow them to survive, but to thrive.

Jerry is helping lead a team of 9 experienced mountaineers up the SW ridge of Mt Cholaste, a climb that is noted as being the most technically challenging on the Nepalese Circuit. Just to make things even more difficult, at high altitudes Jerry has to increase his insulin intake as his body adapts to the extreme conditions. Go Jerry!

We wish him and his team the best of luck on their expedition and we will keep you posted on any updates.

Jerry Gore in his natural habitat

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